Hi, I'm Jillian. And I draw pictures.

Jillian Ohl grew up in Winston Salem, NC and studied Art + Design at the College of Design at NC State. She is currently living and working in Raleigh, NC.

My artwork often depicts my thoughts, feelings, and attitudes through collaged imagery, drawing and painting. There is often a loose dream like narrative left to the viewer’s interpretation. I enjoy teetering between the definitions of illustration and fine art while embracing a child-like language using watercolor, acrylic paint, graphite, and ink. Figures, animals and objects are used as symbols as I tend to see personality and expression in everything. My painting and compositions are created in the moment and I never hesitate to produce something to completion, only to cut it up and use the remaining pieces again elsewhere.

My favorite things are little fluffy dogs, black coffee, white wine, flowers, and a horse of course.